Every year, Apple makes us happy with the new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers. However, not all products of the company get timely updates, despite the fact that they found their niche. About them today and will be discussed.

AirPort Extreme – last updated on June 10, 2013

Do not expect that Apple decides to revive its line of base stations in the near future. In January 2016 Bloomberg reported that Apple had finally stopped developing its AirPort products, redirecting engineers to other projects. However, on the official site, you can still buy AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule.

Mac Pro – last updated on December 18, 2013

The last update of the Mac Pro occurred in 2013. In April 2017, the company significantly lowered the price, also slightly updating the hardware component. This week Apple representative confirmed the release of the new modular Mac Pro in 2019. This time in Cupertino decided to turn to professionals who work in the field of content production, to take into account all the nuances in the development.

Mac Mini – last updated on October 16, 2014

Apple has already said that the Mac Mini remains an important product in the Mac line, but did not share the terms of the updated compact computer. Moreover, there are no leaks about the Mac Mini, which means that work on the new version, if it is, is exclusively in passive mode.

MacBook Air – last updated on March 9, 2015

The basic model, although it was updated in June 2017, along with the MacBook Pro computers, except for the new processor, the laptop did not get anything. Based on the latest information, Apple will show a budget MacBook Air on WWDC 2018, the price of which will not exceed 999 dollars.

iPod Touch – last updated on July 15, 2015

At this point, the iPod Touch is a niche product. All the features that this product provides are also found on the iPhone. In addition, this is the last iPod, which is available for purchase in the official Apple store. Last year, sales of iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were discontinued. Given the absence of leaks, the fate of this product remains unknown.

iPad Mini – last updated September 9, 2015

According to various sources, Apple’s compact tablet is not in high demand, which is why the company decided not to upgrade. More and more attention is paid to the professional segment, where the screen of the iPad Mini will obviously not be enough for productive work. Unfortunately, there are no prerequisites that the company is working on an updated version of the iPad mini.

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