5 facts about the iPhone that you need to know

iPhone X continues to conquer the market. And although it is not cheap, a credit card with the approval of express online will help to buy a cutting-edge smartphone from Apple right now, rather than wait until it becomes obsolete. In the meantime, you are considering this idea, we offer a selection of interesting facts from the history of the brand, which are known to a few.

1. Phone instead of a tablet

According to memoirs of Steve Jobs, he initially worked on the idea of a tablet computer without a keyboard that would be controlled by touching the screen – that is, a device that we now know as an iPad. But in the process it dawned on: but a smartphone with such parameters may prove even more promising. The development of the tablet was temporarily postponed, and as time showed, this was the right decision: the iPhone was the most profitable product of the company. Now his share in Apple’s total profit is more than 60%.

2. Top Secret

Work on the iPhone was conducted in an environment of the strictest secrecy. Project manager Scott Forstall told that Jobs gave him complete freedom of action, but with the condition not to attract outside experts. Forstall has recruited the best Apple engineers, without even explaining what they will work on. Only by giving consent to the adventure, the employee was given access to classified information

3. A little luck

Despite attracting the best minds of the company, due to the tight deadlines, the presentation of the iPhone miraculously passed without a hitch without a hitch. Subsequently, the engineers admitted that they themselves did not expect such a spectacular demonstration with all the defects at that time. Fortunately, before the start of sales, they had another six months to fix the problems, and the team coped with this task.

4. To the nearest minute



By the way, about the presentations. Attentive readers could notice that in any iPhone advertisement the display shows the time 9:41. This is invented precisely because of presentations that traditionally begin at 9 o’clock and last 40 minutes. Thus, when the smartphone finally appears on the demo screen, its clock shows the “right” time.

5. Telephone of the President

Despite the fact that the iPhone is an American product, the US special services do not trust him very much. The previous president of the United States, Barack Obama, did not use smartphones of this brand on the recommendation of security personnel who considered his operating system vulnerable to hacking. However, the current president, Donald Trump ignored this warning and continues to use his beloved iPhone.

But, despite all the obstacles, difficulties and the army of competitors, the iPhone is breaking records: according to the results of the fourth quarter of 2017, the latest model – the iPhone X – has become the most sold in the world. And this, perhaps, is the most amazing fact!

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